Who we are?

Arkan Administrative Training CeImage titlenter is a specialized institute that works for the development of human abilities in order to achieve efficiency and productivity, believing that training is not an unplanned job or an unnecessary task that we can be exercised or not. AATC aims to provide new knowledge, add versified acquaintances, give distinctive skills and abilities, build positive attitudes, refine ideas and develop vocational behaviours and methods.

At AATC, trainees are enrolled in targeted programs aimed at providing them with new skills or refining and developing their current skills, taking into consideration that the administrative training has a reciprocal relationship in terms of the impact between the individuals and their job role they practice in the organization in which they work in, and taking into account also the previous experiences of the trainees such as the training they have received while practising their job roles, whether by their direct personal involvement or by the experience they gained from career environment.

AATC works towards motivating the process of human and economic development which is considered a vital element in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in which it is the engine for the process of social development through providing more job opportunities and a better standard of living for citizens and residents. The development of Qatar's economy in accordance with the national vision is based more on the knowledge than the oil revenues in order to achieve the economic diversification in income resources and ensure a stable and sustainable business environment, based on promoting competition, attracting more investments and stimulating growth. However, economic growth is not enough to ensure prosperity, since social and human development is fundamental for the country's economic development.

Quality Policy

Responding to our responsibility towards our partners and our community, we strive to provide a high-quality training environment in accordance with the international standards, which raises your expectations, sparing no effort to work on improving our performance and raising its level through adopting procedures that will always allow us to perfectly fulfil our commitments towards you.

Our Team

AATC is privileged by having a specialized working team who are experienced and efficient trainers in all different administrative fields, and who implement the latest and selective methods that ensure providing the best training programs which are characterized by high knowledge and skill value, by committing to high international quality standards which will surely raise your skills’ level and maintain continuous development in your career path.

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Why is administrative training important to you?

  • Knowledge Benefit: through improving your knowledge and intellectual abilities.
  • Skills Benefit: by empowering you to use new methods in an effective way, and with more efficient manners.
  • Personal Benefit: by motivating self-confidence, which makes you enjoy your work.
  • Career Benefit: by helping you develop yourself in the field you work in to achieve career promotion.
  • Economic Benefit: by helping you increase your income and receive rewards and incentives.
  • Community Benefit:  continuous training makes you connected to the world and keeps you updated with the latest advancements in all fields of interest.

Why is administrative training important to your organization?

  • Increase in Production
  • Saving of Expenditures
  • Raising staff morale
  • Providing standby power in the organization
  • Minimizing Wastefulness
  • Decreasing work accidents

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Pillars of the Training Process (Training Mix)

  1. The Training motivations
  2. The Trainer
  3. The Training Environment
  4. The Studying Material
  5. The Trainee
  6. The Outputs

Targeted Audience

  • Governmental and Semi-Governmental Institutions
  • Community Support Organizations
  • Community and Youth Centers
  • Educational and Rehabilitation Institutions
  • Financial and Banking Institutions
  • Healthcare and Medical services
  • Hospitality and Tourism Institutions
  • Construction and Real Estate Companies
  • Sport and Social Centers
  • Energy and Petroleum Companies
  • Commercial and Recreational Complexes
  • Commercial and Services Institutions

Training Methods

  • Forums
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Courses and Specialized Programs
  • In-field training
  • Seminars


  • Career Preparation
    • Fresh Graduate
    • Intern
  • Development & Skill Building
    • Entry Employee
    • Supervisor
  • Enhancing Organizational Performance
    • Associate
    • Manager
  • Consolidating The Leadership Skills
    • Executive & Director
  • Enriching and promoting the Organizational Experiments
    • Expert, Consultant and General Secretary